The Sword Inn

43-45 Westgate Street, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, GL1 2NW
Tel: 07771982356


All served hot in ciabatta bread. Add chips for £1
CMM chicken, mushroom and mozzarella. £4.50
Goatherd (v) caramalised onions, spinach, goats cheese and mozzarella £4.50
American tomatoes, pepperoni and mozzarella. £4.00
Hot American as above but with jalapenos. £4.50
Ham and cheese finest Wiltshire ham and cheese. £4.00
Wiltshire Ham chunky chips and free range eggs. £6.50
Whitby Scampi chips and peas. £6.95
Half roast chicken chips and peas. £7.50
Chicken and pepper skewers served with salad and rice. £7.25
Seafood salad of smoked salmon mackerel, king prawns mixed leaves and rice. £7.50
Omelettes made to order with 3 organic eggs. Any fillings such as mushrooms, prawns, chicken etc anything you fancy and we have! £7.25
Cod chips and peas. Always fresh. Always cooked to order. £7.95
Bowl of chips £2.00
Cheesey chips £2.50
Side salad £2.50
We dont use frozen bases but we do make probably the best hand made stone baked pizza in The Shire. Every pizza is made with our tomato sauce and topped with fresh mozzarella.
Margherita (V) sliced beefsteak tomatoes. £7.00
Funghi (V) mixed mushrooms and thyme. £7.50
Pepperoni tomatoes and pepperoni. £7.50
New York Deli hot dogs, ham, bacon, onion and american mustard. £8.00
Hawaiian ham and pineapple. £7.50
Gardinera (V) onions, mushrooms, peppers, olives and tomatoes. £7.50
BBQ Chilli Chicken chicken, peppers, onions, jalapenos & bbq sauce. £8.00
Padana caramalised onions, goats cheese and spinach. £7.50
HMC ham, mushrooms and chicken. £8.00
Seafood smoked salmon, prawns, smoked mackeral and onions. £8.50
Your choice (V?) if we got it, you can have it!!!!! £8.50
Any pizza half size £4.00
Ham, egg and chips £3.25
Scampi, chips and peas £3.50
Chicken skewer with rice and salad £3.75
Omelette (any type) chips and beans £3.75